What is behind the door of a global, Norwegian-based company? What are the challenges and opportunities for an IT student in a holistic IT organization? The first steps of building a career are not always easy, but a professional collaboration or mentoring relationship with a company that fits our specialization can give you a starting point.
On November 5, as part of the first Hydro Global Business Services (GBS) open day, students from the University of Óbuda had the opportunity to visit the GBS's office in Székesfehérvár and learn about the opportunities for collaboration open to students.
The half-day program was attended by nearly thirty students who were able to meet with the head of the GBS IT organization, learn about the various IT functions, and listen first-hand to the experiences of fellow students in the program. At the end of the day, those who were more serious could talk directly to a mentor in their field of interest about the possibilities of the function.
While there are a lot of horror stories about improving the coffee-making capabilities of trainees, we can be “disappointed” in GBS in this regard. Their internship program is based on partnership, where the student can gain expertise and the employer can gain a good professional in the future.
Hydro GBS has been working more closely with the university since last year, with six students already participating in their mentoring program. Thanks to this collaboration, the PowerShell course, launched for the second time this semester, is also available and is currently attended by 40 students from Óbuda University.
If you missed out the Hydro GBS internship and mentoring program, but you are interested in it, look for Judit Modné Takács from the university department.