The Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University had a Dual Training Information Day at the assembly hall of the Mayor’s Office where the partner companies of the dual training in 2017 and the future students got to know each-other better. Students taking part in dual training will have the advantage of a six- semester working experience at the labor market.

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The Dual Training Information Day was organized for prospective students. From September, 2017 the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University will launch dual training in the following courses: land surveying and land management engineer, technical engineer, informatics engineer, technical manager, electric engineer. These dual training courses are only part of the 150 ones offered by the Óbuda University for its future students.

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Dr. András Cser-Palkovics, Mayor of Székesfehérvár greeted the students and the representatives of the partner companies at the information day on Thursday (27 April, 2017). He emphasized that dual training means an advantaged possibility for the development of higher education and for tackling the shortage of labor. He also said that Székesfehérvár quickly recognized the hidden opportunities of dual training after Hungary had joined the dual training program. It is very beneficial for the students in Székesfehérvár that the town, as an industrial center, can boast with several industrial partners. The shortage of qualified labor used to be the greatest challenge of the town in the past. Dr. Cser-Palkovics considers dual training an enormous chance for gaining practical experience of the 21st century. According to the Mayor, dual training has a vast importance on the development and future of Székesfehérvár.

Ádám Szigeti, chancellor of the Óbuda University expressed his pleasure with the fact that dual training has developed a lot over the past two years. He has also declared that the town has had an outstanding role in this kind of training alluring students and workforce to Székesfehérvár. The AMK of Óbuda University and its partner companies guarantee the fulfillment of all the possibilities in practical training.

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Dr. habil. György Györök, dean of AMK Óbuda University also considers it a unique opportunity for students of 18-19 to be able to join a technical carrier through dual training. It facilitates the transition between being a students and entering the world of engineering. In his opinion students should make the best of this opportunity.

Prof. Dr. János Rudnay, head of the Dual Training Board greeted the students with the advice that nowadays practical training and experience are essential at the companies and skilled labor force is a criterion at the labor market.

Following this Mónika Pogátsnik, head of the dean office gave information about the structure of dual training. Within this structure, students will attend a full-time course at the university and at the same time they will do practical training at a partner company with an employment contract and salary for the entire length of the course. They will acquire up-to-date professional, practical skills and the latest technologies. Dual training can be divided into four periods, in autumn and spring, term-time involves normal university education too.
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Young people can apply for dual training at the partner companies and organizations until 31 May at the following pages: The partner companies will select the candidates according to their own system of aspects until the end of June and candidates will be informed about the results in the first week of July the latest. After the introductory speeches, the representatives of the partner companies gave information about the places of practical training for the applicants of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University.

photo: Erika Simon