The mutual effort of the municipality and the higher education institutions of Székesfehérvár for quality education has become quantifiable. According to the ranking system of „ Heti Válasz”, the OE Alba Regia Technical Faculty got excellent ranking results: nationwide the technical manager training came first of eight, the mechanical engineering training became fifth out of thirteen and the electrical engineering training is the fourth out of eight.

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The technical manager training is the best in the country - says „ Heti Válasz”

Székesfehérvár and its higher education institutions have been striving for the foundation and development of high-quality education and that of the dual training, which aims at the mitigation of the shortage of labour. Locally and nationally, the key factor of economic development and competitiveness is the education of 21st century, well-trained workforce. This is the aim of the cooperation.

As mentioned above, more of the trainings at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University are front-rankers. The technical manager training in Székesfehérvár comes before that of Budapest Technical University.

The whole ranking system examines all the technical, agrarian and informatics trainings. In the technical field, the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Székesfehérvár  comes before the other faculties of the OE , namely comes 11th of thirty-five. Decisive factors for ranking are: students’ excellence, higher level graduation results, language examinations, secondary-school competitions, professors’ qualification and labour market indicators.