"GEO-ALBA REGIA-2018", a successful jubilee conference on land management was held in Székesfehérvár at the Institute of Geoinformatics, Alba Regia Technical Faculty, Óbuda University. The biggest lecture hall of the GEO was almost full at the opening ceremony.

Lóránt Földváry, vice dean of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty and Éva Brájer, deputy mayor of Székesfehérvár greeted the participants. Chairman János Dömsödi thanked the agricultural minister, István Nagy for being the main sponsor of the conference. He also emphasized that the main topic of the annual land management conference this year is the arrangement and quick abolishment of the undivided land properties.
István Jakab, vice president of the Hungarian Parliament announced the issue of a new law for the abolishment of such undivided land properties next year. In the plenary session, József Cseri of NKP Kft. gave an account of the cooperation of the NKP Kft and the land registry offices. András Jánossy introduced the organisational changes at the Institute of Land surveying and Remote Sensing.

There were lectures in SECTION I. on the history, development and current situation of the training of land surveying and land management engineers in Székesfehérvár and also about the legitimacy system of the land surveying and land management activities.

Some of the former and current lecturers of the Institute of Geoinformatics OE gave detailed account about the high quality educational and research activities, national and international associations of the institute: Vincze László, Engler Péter, Pödör Andrea, Földváry Lóránt. After this, András Homolya and György Hajdú were talking about the land management and land surveying qualificator examinations.

In Section II all the technical, judicial and land management issues were talked over to get a view of the practical experiences regarding the abolishment of the undivided land properties.
Professor Péter Engler hosted the nostalgic „after session” evening reception on the first day.

János Dömsödi, Miklós Kovács