Dual Training – The Alba Regia Technical Faculty contracted with the HanonSystems

The Alba Regia Technical Faculty of the Óbuda University launched its dual training program in computer engineering BSc  last year in September. Within this framework, parallel to their theoretical studies, participating students get  practical education at one of the partner companies and a scholarship as well.

Preparing for 2017, there are more than 150 places for admission for the students offered by the business partners of the university. More than 60 students in the five BSc branches joined the dual training last September in Székesfehérvár. From September, 2017 the partner companies will provide 215 dual training places for the Universities of Óbuda, Corvinus University and Kodolányi University in Székesfehérvár.

The agreement was signed by Zsolt Karikó, managing director of the Hanon Systems Hungary Ltd. and Dr. habil György Györök PhD, dean of  Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University in the presence of András Cser-Palkovics, mayor of Székesfehérvár and Attila Mészáros, the vice mayor.

András Cser-Palkovics, mayor of Székesfehérvár announced that the strategic agreement and the success of the local economic year of 2016 prove the necessity of involving university partners and developing technical education in the process of tackling the shortage of labor with pay rise, housing projects and relevant educational programs.

György Györök, dean of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University emphasized that the Alba Regia Technical Faculty is unique within the Hungarian higher education with the wide range of disciplines for engineers. There have been preliminary discussions between the Faculty and the Hanon Systems Hungary Ltd. about joint work and education keeping in view the training of future experts locally.

Zsolt Karikó, managing director of the Hanon Systems Hungary Ltd talked about the decision of the former Visteon 15 years ago to bring research and development to Székesfehérvár. The main principle has remained the training of engineers with experience in the practical side of production meeting the ever changing an expanding requirements of the Industry 4.0 concept even during their university years.

The power unit of the Industry 4.0 concept is the ever accelerating digitization of economy and society with the basis of intelligent systems in digital nets so that a predominantly self-organizing production and mutual communication become possible among people, machines, equipment, logistics and the products.

The economical flexibility of non-series production, the effective application of resources, ergonomic production and the dynamic involvement of business partners and customers in the chain of value production are the main objectives of the Industry 4.0 concept.

Source: www.szekesfehervar.hu

Alba Regia Higher Education Expo in Székesfehérvár

 The aim of the second Alba Regia Higher Education Expo was to draw the attention of secondary school students to the local dual trainings in 2017, when 9 BSc  and 1 MSc  dual courses will be started in the following universities in Székesfehérvár: Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University, Corvinus University, Kodolányi János University. Almost 50 contracted companies provide practical training sites for dual training.

Székesfehérvár is one of the most developed economic region of the country ensuring dual training places for 215 students from September 2017. At the Alba Regia Higher Education Expo the universities and their business partners concerned introduced themselves at their booths providing direct information about entrance examination procedures, company requirements, new technologies and recent news.

Éva Brájer, vice mayor of Székesfehérvár encouraged secondary school students to visit the booths, enquire about the possibilities and take their future in their hands. She emphasized that for the technological change of the future a new and exciting way of view is needed.

Prof.  Zoltán Szántó, educational vice dean of Corvinus University Budapest emphasized that Székesfehérvár is regarded a place of high priority in dual BSc training. He was grateful for the self government and for the partner institutions for getting a foothold in the field of social and economic studies  in the town.

László Tamás Vizi PhD from Kodolányi János University advised secondary school students to examine their talents and synchronize them with their aims.

József Gáti PhD, general vice-rector of Óbuda University highlighted the 100 dual training positions in 2017 and expressed his hope that the students present would join the dual program of the university as well.

There were more than 25 booths at the Alba Regia Sports Center during the Expo. Not only the representatives of the universities but their business partners in dual education offered their advice and information in orientation towards higher education and dual training.

Source: www.szekesfehervar.hu

Four Universities in Dual Training Contract with Coca-Cola HBC Hungary

Students approve of dual training.

Budapest, 20 January, 2017 –according to a survey at four universities, students approve of dual training. When choosing a profession, they consider professional development more important than salary. Professional development can be achieved through practical training. In favor of this direction, Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has signed a contract with four national universities today about the launching of dual training. Owing to this new type of cooperation, companies will be able to get qualified workforce, universities can provide a new type of education for their students and students will get an even more valuable degree. In this year’s program more than 30 students are getting valuable work experience.

According to a recent survey by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, students would like practical knowledge with their degrees and that is why most of them stand for dual training. This result shows that the Coca-Cola HBC Hungary was right when decided to enter into dual contract with four Hungarian universities in food and mechanical engineering. The agreement was signed by Mina Agelidis, managing director of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary and the rectors of Óbuda University, Szent István University, Szeged University and Pannon University. István Nagy PhD, agricultural undersecretary and other government representatives  were also present.

Dual training is beneficial for all three of the contracting parties. Students get work experience and salary for the entire length of the training and after three and a half years they will have better chances for employment.

According to Minas Agelidis, managing director of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary qualified workforce is unanimously today’s number one condition of competitiveness. That is why dual training can be expected to gain ground more and more in higher education and at companies in the future. With the present contract the Coca-Cola HBC Hungary will get a continuous supply of excellent, trained labor force in the XXI century.

István Nagy PhD emphasized that the government has an ambitious strategy for the development of food industry and supports innovative solutions for training larger workforce with up-to-date way of thinking for the enlarging investments. Dual training is an essential element of the industrial strategy for medium and long-term purposes.

The Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has developed dynamically recently in the region. As the leading bottler of the region, it employs 1100 people at present.

More information:http:/hu.coca-colahellenic.com/

Our Guest, the Mayor

András Cser-Palkovics PhD , mayor of Székesfehérvárhad a meeting with the students of OE AMK (Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University), Corvinus University and Kodolányi University. The students were asking about possible solutions for parking places around campuses, the extension of bicycle routes, housing issues, a boost of student life, renewal of the traditions from Selmecbánya, The Petőfi Club, the Alba Regia Higher Education Scholarship and the state of university colleges. In the course of the conversation the Mayor was also talking about his university years, family and profession as a mayor. He encouraged the students to brainstorm about making student life in Székesfehérvár even more colorful.

Thank you Lord Mayor for accepting our invitation!

Photo: Gergely Bácskai