Dual training


In September,2017 the following dual training courses will be launched at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University in Székesfehérvár:
Dual BSc courses for informatics engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and technical manager specializations.
Dual MSc course for mechatronics engineer specialization.
If you choose dual education, you will be a full-time student of the university and at the same time a trainee at one of the dual training companies with a student  employment contract. Besides acquiring up—to-date professional skills and the newest technologies at the dual company, you will get a salary during the entire time of the course. This way it is possible for you to earn your own living even during the university years.

Things to do if you have chosen dual training:

Choose one of the partner companies of the university. On our website you can find direct links to all of the partner companies with information about the way and the process of the application.
Apply for one of the full-time dual courses of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University on the page: felvi.hu.
If you have successfully passed both the entrance and company selection processes, you can simultaneously start your full-time training at the university and your practical education at the company under a student contract.

Our partner companies at dual BSc and MSc courses:

Learn from the best professionals in Székesfehérvár!

If you have any questions about dual training, Monika Pogátsnik, head of dual training will answer them at the faculty.  (pogatsnik.monika@amk.uni-obuda.hu)

Our partner companies: