Strengthening international relations at the AMK

Strengthening international relations is a key objective of Óbuda University. One of the priority target areas is Central Asia, one of the fastest growing regions in the world economy.

Our guests from our strategic partner university, the TIIAME Institute in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Prof. Dr. Imomov Shavkat Jahonovich, Rector, and Dr. Kodir Sabirov, Head of International Relations Department, discussed with the University of Óbuda about participation in joint mobility programmes, the organisation of joint innovation programmes, the organisation of BSc courses in English, the organisation of internships for Uzbek students, and the joint, shared PhD thesis management.

Among the targeted joint research areas, the potential application of geospatial information technology and remote sensing in agriculture was mentioned. One of the priority research topics is soil degradation, i.e. the continuous deterioration of soil fertility, which is a growing problem in Uzbekistan. The deterioration of soil structure and unfavourable hydrological properties is one of the causes, e.g. the formation of a compact “pad-clay” layer on the surface and/or below the surface, cemented layers. This factor limiting water infiltration into the soil is a very serious problem in the Buhara region. According to the Rector, the thickness of the sealing layer is increasing by almost 1 cm per year. This problem is not unknown in Hungary. In addition to assessing soil degradation by remote sensing and field measurements, the aim of the planned joint research is to develop indicators (indicators) that can be used to characterise the quality of soil problems.

FANUC Olympics

The Team of Students of the University of Óbuda qualified themselves
for the Worldskills Shanghai 2022 International Competition.

The FANUC Olympics was held in Törökbálint at the headquarters of Fanuc Hungary  in November,2021. The student competitors had to complete a complex task in a 9-hour time frame, where the industrial robot picks up a workpiece, assembles it, and finally checks to see if the workpiece is satisfactory.

First and second places of the competition were won by the University of Óbuda.
Preparatory teacher: Dr. Károly Széll

1st place: Bálint Károly Farkas and Erik Kovács
2nd place: Márk Liszi and Gábor Molnár

From left: Károly Bálint Farkas, Erik Kovács

The top-ranked team qualified for the Worldskills Shanghai 2022 International Competition with this competition, where they will compare their skills with engineering teams from other nations in the Robot Systems Integration section within Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies.

More about the event:

The entire ÓE AMK team that took part in the competition from the left: Erik Kovács, Károly Bálint Farkas, József Gergő Kálmán, Dr. Károly Széll, Márk Liszi, Gábor Molnár, Mátyás Marx

The members of the standby team were József Gergő Kálmán and Mátyás Marx. They were also present cheering for their team.
The Student Teams would like to thank the Fanuc Hungary team for making the three days of the competition excellently organised and memorable for the participants. Special thanks to the experts: István Bíró, Ákos Horváth and András Bablena.

Erik Kovács