Scientific results were discussed at the AIS conference

The 12th AIS Conference was held by the Alba Regia Faculty of Óbuda University in the Assembly Hall of the Town Hall, where the participants were able to share their scientific results. At the applied informatics symposium high quality, interesting results were discussed and connections were forged.

The tradition of organising the International Symposium on Applied Informatics and Related Areas conference was initiated by the ARTF OE in the Town Hall of Székesfehérvár. Dr. Györök György, dean of Alba Regia Technical Faculty OE was talking about the importance of the multidisciplinary forum, where informatics engineers, land surveyors, technical managers, mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers and students in these fields can show their scientific results and are able to get to know each-other. At these AIS conferences the practical approach of the technical universities enriches the knowledge of the participants.

Guest lecturers always take part in these AIS conferences. This year Darya Alontseva associate professor from East-Kazahstan State Technical University and Stefan Preitl, professor from Politehnica University Timisoara were also our guest lecturers.

In his welcome speech Mészáros Attila, vice-mayor of Székesfehérvár emphasized the importance of the technical higher education in the town and said that the students of the Alba Regia Technical University and the Faculty of Geoinformatics are of great magnitude for the industrial development in Székesfehérvár. He has claimed that robotics will be the future at some of the Székesfehérvár companies and this phenomenon will create jobs for highly trained, experienced labour force. The ARTF and the Institute of Geoinformatics OE are the places where these specialists are being trained at the moment. Their presence is shown in the industrial development of recent years. Attila Mészáros thanked the university for initiating the AIS conference 12 years ago.


Excellent ranking for Alba Regia Technical Faculty,Óbuda University

The mutual effort of the municipality and the higher education institutions of Székesfehérvár for quality education has become quantifiable. According to the ranking system of „ Heti Válasz”, the OE Alba Regia Technical Faculty got excellent ranking results: nationwide the technical manager training came first of eight, the mechanical engineering training became fifth out of thirteen and the electrical engineering training is the fourth out of eight.

The technical manager training is the best in the country – says „ Heti Válasz”

Székesfehérvár and its higher education institutions have been striving for the foundation and development of high-quality education and that of the dual training, which aims at the mitigation of the shortage of labour. Locally and nationally, the key factor of economic development and competitiveness is the education of 21st century, well-trained workforce. This is the aim of the cooperation.

As mentioned above, more of the trainings at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University are front-rankers. The technical manager training in Székesfehérvár comes before that of Budapest Technical University.

The whole ranking system examines all the technical, agrarian and informatics trainings. In the technical field, the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Székesfehérvár  comes before the other faculties of the OE , namely comes 11th of thirty-five. Decisive factors for ranking are: students’ excellence, higher level graduation results, language examinations, secondary-school competitions, professors’ qualification and labour market indicators.


Dual training, drones and Lego robots – Open Day at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of Óbuda University


The Student Self-government organised an Open Day at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of OE, Székesfehérvár. Participants were informed about the dual trainings, the available specializations, benefits and had an insight into the student life as well.  From September, 2018, 178 internship places are waiting for dual education students at 28 companies in Székesfehérvár.

On the Open Day prospective students of the Alba Regia Technical Faculty OE were given the opportunity to get information about the BSc trainings (electrical engineer, technical manager, informatics engineer, land surveyor and  mechanical engineer), which are available as dual trainings, too.

Attila Mészáros, vice-mayor of Székesfehérvfár welcomed the students on the Open Day and emphasized that the graduates from Óbuda University are the most sought-after employees in the town among the cutting-edge technology companies committed to industry 4.0.

Mészáros Attila vice-mayor has also mentioned that only robots will be used at more and more companies in the future, which will make workforce unnecessary. Only the best qualified workers with adequate experience will be employed at these companies. The Alba Regia Technical Faculty OE is able to train such experts: there will be a robot centre in the town supported by the Óbuda University and the municipality as well. Students at dual trainings will have a huge advantage at the labour market.

The Arconic laboratory, drones, Lego robot programs, 3d laser scanning and other technologies were also on the agenda on the Open Day.

Dr. Seebauer Márta , educational vice-dean of ARTF OE drew the attention  to the Open Day of the Institute of Geoinformatics (Pirosalma utca 1-3) on 15th January, 2018. She has emphasized that in Székesfehérvár the Óbuda University provides the same high-quality education as in Budapest, being in full co-operation with all the faculties in the capital.

Dual education was said to consist of two 14-week educational periods with the other students and two 8-week working practice periods at the companies beginning in December and May respectively. Every student at dual education has four weeks for holiday. They get a salary even during the educational periods. The salary is the minimal wage plus benefits. Students can contract with 28 companies for 178 places in Székesfehérvár.