Székesfehérvár today is not only one of the prime destinations of multinational industrial companies, but most importantly it is a university town.
Located only 60 km from Budapest and 40 km from Lake Balaton, you can easily hop on a suburban train and meet friends in the capital or spend a glorious day on the beaches of the Hungarian sea.

As a student, you can find all the conveniences and facilities you need for a high-spirited, busy, and active student life with a touch of the relaxed atmosphere of a suburban town.

From a historical point of view, Székesfehérvár is a gem with buildings, monuments, and sculptures from the Middle Ages, when the town was a royal residence and the burial place of several Hungarian kings and queens.

Come and find out the stories behind the cobbled streets and cosy pubs.

Be our guest in the town of the kings!