The Alba Regia Technical Faculty (AMK) of Óbuda University was established on 1 July 2014 by the organizational integration of two higher education institutions based in Székesfehérvár (the Alba Regia University Centre of Óbuda University and the Faculty of Geoinformatics of the University of West Hungary).
Over the decades of the two institutions’ history, thousands of engineers have graduated from Székesfehérvár and look back on their alma mater with fond memories. The more familiar size of our Székesfehérvár campus has always allowed us to know our students and graduates by name. A more direct tone, respect for each other, and proper communication are all building blocks of trust that help to develop personal relationships between faculty, staff, and students. Building a kind of “mentoring” relationship with our students, as well as the friendships that develop within the walls of the university, can create a network of relationships with significant professional content once they leave campus, which can help future collaborations and influence development pathways.
The attachment to our university faculty, to Székesfehérvár, is expressed in the fact that graduates seek contact with our institution.

One of the ways in which this is done is by having alumni express their thoughts and feelings about their Alma Mater in the form of an interview. Each interviewee mentions, among other things, what life-changing experiences they have had at the University, what they have gained from their studies, and what they would recommend to those just starting their studies.

All parts of our alumni interview series are available (at this link).

It is a nice tradition that, the graduates from the predecessor institution, the successor institution awards a commemorative diploma (gold diploma-50 years, silver diploma-40years) to those who request it in writing. Many people take advantage of this opportunity, returning to their university campus to remember a bit of their studies, meet their classmates again and recall the atmosphere of their former studies through friendly conversations.

The university combines the presentation of jubilee diploma with a graduation ceremony for recent graduates, where engineers of the past and future meet in a festive atmosphere.
Events and pictures of the previous commemorative graduation ceremonies are available (here). 

A special group of Alumni are the graduates of the land surveyor engineering courses, some of whom are the gardians of the Selmec-Sékesfehérvár Student Traditions. The gardians of the “Selmec Traditions”, inscribed on the UNESCO National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, return to the university after graduation to participate in the fun and specialised events organised by the students who were studying at the time.

A group of students who are keeping the Selmec tradition alive

These occasions provide an opportunity to meet students who have graduated many years back and to broaden their friendship.
In the future, our faculty is working to provide a more organized way to join our Alumni Network, to meet professionally on more frequent occasions and to receive up-to-date information about the University.