Living in Székesfehérvár

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Why Székesfehérvár?

Székesfehérvár is a beautiful, historic city full of sights, monuments and curiosities. You can find photos and useful information about these on the attached website, and you can also find out about current events here:

You might also want to take a look at to find out about virtually anything ranging from public transport to costs of living and there is even a mini dictionary to keep you company and aid you in your journey of a lifetime.

Cost of living

Average student cost of living: 350 – 500 EUR / month

The cost of staying in Hungary is average or slightly below average by European standards. Of course, the amount needed to live depends on the student’s lifestyle and habits.

You need at least 120 000 forints (€350) a month to pay for your room and dormitory fees, buy decent food and afford a night out. If you live in a rented flat, this amount can be higher depending on the monthly rent, the distance from the city centre, the facilities and the number of rooms.

The official currency of Hungary is the forint (Ft, HUF).

Dining options around campus

Pirosalma Street Campus

Budai Street Campus

Transport in Székesfehérvár

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