Óbuda University student housing provides accommodation and offers students comfortable living spaces, convenient learning conditions, sporting and recreational activities. Rooms are fully furnished with all basic amenities and equipped with Wi-Fi internet access. Dormitories are self-governed through the Óbuda University Student’s Council. This practice provides students with problem solving skills and prepares them for their lives beyond the University. Monthly dormitory costs start at 83 EUR for a quad dorm and 150 EUR for a double. Proof or certification of accommodation will be a requirement for residence permits.

More about the dormitory on the Székesfehérvár campus

It operates as a member college of the University College, as an autonomous department under the direction of the Head of the Member College and with the cooperation of the Member College Student Council.

Address: H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Hosszúsétatér street 8.
Phone: +36 (22) 200-448

Details of the college

Number of places: 167 students

Number of rooms, distribution: 2 beds X 7 rooms, 3 beds X 43 rooms and 4 beds X 6 rooms.

The rooms are 2×3 and 2×4, meaning that two rooms have a common shower, except on the second floor of the “A” building, where there is a shared shower. All floors have a well-equipped kitchen (except floor B/2) and laundry facilities. The building also has a large function room, a gym in the basement and a music room.

Our students keep the traditions of Selmec alive.

Traditional events

Cultivating Selmec traditions, Trade nights, Marble party, Pumpkin carving, Cooking together outdoors, Santa Claus celebrations.

Leisure activities in the dormitory

There are different clubs eg.

  • Dormitory computer
  • Film
  • Board game
  • Tradition
  • Geo coaching
  • Swimming ….

Accessibility of the Dormitory

15 minutes’ walk from the bus station and 10 minutes’ walk from the train station. For more information on public transport, see here.