Collaboration in the cloud


Óbuda University and Kyndryl Hungary – Kyndryl Customer Innovation Center today signed an agreement to establish the Kyndryl Industrial Department at the Alba Regia Technical Faculty in Székesfehérvár, which focuses on teaching cloud technologies and related fields to prepare students for the workplaces of the future.

Through the virtual department, Kyndryl holds courses in the field of cloud technology with its own staff and participates in the teaching of high-level mathematics. With the involvement of students in Budapest, students can access the courses from the entire university area, even from remote locations, and develop their skills and knowledge in the modern IT areas where Kyndryl has expertise.

Both the company and the university place a high priority on education in cloud technologies, as more and more companies and institutions move their IT applications to the cloud. Moving to the cloud is a complex process that requires service providers with extensive knowledge. Kyndryl is one of them, which represents a huge opportunity for both the company and the employees. Kyndryl’s customer innovation center in Székesfehérvár was founded in 1997 and today employs more than 3,000 professionals who support their customers in all segments of industries in the design, construction, management and modernization of their mission-critical technology systems.

Kyndryl and the Alba Regia Technical Faculty of the Óbuda University continue to develop and expand the cooperation by creating additional curricula, starting new courses in areas offering different research topics and participating in examination committees. Kyndryl is already one of the university’s largest dual training partners, having welcomed 57 dual students since 2016. Of these, 16 students joined Kyndryl in September 2022.

Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, the rector of Óbuda University, said that graduates from higher education with up-to-date knowledge that can be used well in practice, and who are receptive to changes, have a special role in strengthening the domestic economy. The Óbuda University has always placed a great deal of emphasis on developing its industrial relations so that during the training, students can deepen not only their theoretical but also their practical skills. Almost all areas of technical and economic life are covered by our dual system, which we are consistently increasing. The best practice is demonstrated by the Alba Regia Technical Faculty in Székesfehérvár, where local companies are currently contributing to the costs of the studies of 161 students, ensuring that they get to know the operation of a plant and the coordination of production processes even as university students.

Zoltán Zerényi, Director of the Kyndryl Customer Innovation Center, EMEA, emphasized that Kyndryl is constantly looking for and developing the next generation of talents before they enter the labor market, working closely with educational institutions for joint success: the professional fulfillment of the best students, the reduction of technological skills shortages and for the company’s prosperity.

Updated: 19.02.2024.