Projekt neveProjekt címeIdőtartamTámogatási forrás
TÉTInvestigation of the characteristics of surface shapes in rural environment based on point clouds and remote sensing data, 2019-2.1.11-TÉT-2020-001712022-2023National Research,
Development and Innovation Fund
COST ActionCOST Action CA17125, Public Value Capture of Increasing Property Values2018-2023European Union
WRENWater Resources in Efficient Networks, GINOP PLUSZ-2.1.1-21 WREN2022-2025European Union
IGITIntegrated geo-spatial information technology and its application to resource
and environmental management towards the GEOSS
UESIRUrban Eco-environmental Spatial Information Retrieval and Analysis Model with Remote Sensing2014-2015National Research,
Development and Innovation Fund
Nature SDI+Best Practice Network for SDI in Nature Conservation2008-2011eContent plus
GIT4SDGeoinformation Technology for Sustainable Development in Kazakhstan2007-2009TEMPUS JEP
DUPinGISDevelopment of a New University Programme in Geographic Information Technology2007-2009TEMPUS JEP
Re.ViCaReviewing (traces of) European Virtual Campuses2007-2009Erasmus
VM-BASEVirtual Mobility Before and After Student Exchanges2007-2008ERASMUS
WAREMAWater resources management in protected areas2006-2008Interreg III B CADSES
edu GIReuse and sharing of e-Learning courses in GI Science education2006-2007EU eLearning program
GI-IndeedGeo-Information in the Implementation of Netbased Distance Education for Environmental Decision-making2006-2007LEONARDO
VenusVirtual and E-mobility for Networking Universities in Society2006-2007EU eLearning program
LVTLand Valuation Training – Develop quality training approaches for property market valuation professionals for an effective property tax administration2005-2007LEONARDO
REVEReal Virtual Erasmus2005-2006EU eLearning program
GIS modellingEco-environmental modelling in Hungary and China2004-2006TéT
Nature GISA European thematic network for Protected Areas/Nature Preservation and Geographical Information2002-2005EU IST
COST Action G9Modeling Real Property Transactions2001-2006 
NODENetworked Organization of Distance Education 2001-2003SOCRATES
NetCampusImproving ODL in a Network2000-2002SOCRATES
LIMELand Information Management for Executives1999-2001LEONARDO
SDILAStaff Development in Land Administration1999-2001TEMPUS
VELENCE GISIntegrated GIS for Lake Velence catchment1999-2000 
FISHLand / Geographical Data Services on Internet1997-1998OMFB-IKTA
DLGDistance Learning in GIS1996-1997EU PHARE
Error modelling in GISError modelling in GIS1995-1998OMFB OTKA
OLLOOpen Learning in Land Offices1995-1998TEMPUS
ANGKORGIS analysis of the activities and the archeological researches1994-1996Royal Angkor Foundation
NCGIA Core CurriculumCore Curriculum Hungarian adaptation1993-1994nation-wide Technology Transfer Centre (TTC)
UNIPHORMIntroduction to OpenGIS1998EU PHARE
Glossary of GIS TermsGlossary of GIS Terms1995OKTK